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Postpartum Care (Recovery from Labor and Delivery)

The Women & Children's Center at Kingwood Medical CenterKingwood Medical Center’s postpartum team cares for moms and their babies after delivery. These professionals are dedicated to creating an ideal experience for every new mother.

After delivery, you’ll be paired with your postpartum nurse. This nurse helps you settle in and manages your needs, such as helping you rest, visiting with family, recovering from labor and learning about the changes your body is now undergoing. Our staff is there to satisfy your wishes and needs while monitoring your recovery.

Each private room includes a bed, sofa, TV and any necessary monitoring equipment. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital, so you can post photos from your laptop or tablet to keep family and friends updated. During nursing shift changes, your current and on-coming nurse will meet at your bedside for reports and to discuss your goals and expectations. This is also your time to let us know about your wishes.

New mothers generally stay 48 hours after a vaginal delivery and 72 hours after a cesarean section. Your health and the health of your baby will determine the length of your stay.

While you are here, our staff will help you complete the registration information for your baby’s Birth Certificate and submit it to the state electronically. This is in addition to the security photo taken by our Photography Vendor in the newborn nursery.

When it’s time for you to leave the hospital, your nurses will make sure you are prepared with information on how to care for yourself and your baby once you’re home. We take the time to answer any questions you might have.

2 Patients, 2 Nurses

Mothers and babies have separate nurses at Kingwood Medical Center, something different from many other hospitals. Even so, all postpartum nurses are educated and trained to care for both of you, and can answer your questions as you begin your new journey.

Breastfeeding Support

Texas 10 Step ProgramLactation consultants are available to discuss breastfeeding techniques and issues, plus all of our postpartum nurses have completed many hours of breastfeeding education. Our hospital is a Texas 10-Step Program provider, which encourages breastfeeding as the preferred method of feeding for newborns and infants.

Learn more about our lactation support services at Kingwood Medical Center.

A Secure Environment

Our security system ensures that no baby leaves the maternity floor without alerting staff. We also use additional safety measures, such as specific employee badges and color-coded uniforms, that let us know which staff members have permission to transport infants.

Schedule a guided tour of our labor and delivery unit, our nurseries and our postpartum units, by calling (800) 258-5064.

Women & Children’s Center

Our new Women & Children Center provides high-quality postpartum care with families in mind – from the caring and comfortable environment to our close “easy-in/easy-out” parking and onsite NICU and pediatric units. Watch the video for more information and a tour.

Women & Children’s Education & Support

Educating new parents and families is a key goal or our maternity services team. Get a full listing of our education and support programs.

Find a Doctor

See if your OB/GYN has privileges at Kingwood Medical Center (or find one that does). Search our doctors and schedule your appointment online: Search & Schedule