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Mother’s Milk Bank Donation Center

The Women & Children's Center at Kingwood Medical CenterThe Women & Children’s Center at Kingwood Medical Center is a milk collection site for Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin (MMBA).

Become a Milk Donor

Once lactation is well-established, healthy breastfeeding moms are encouraged to donate excess milk to the Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin. Local nursing mothers wishing to become donors can visit or call (877) 813-6455 to learn more about becoming a donor.

Volunteer milk donors will complete a screening process similar to that for blood donors including a blood test. Accepted donors will collect and freeze their milk at home and then bring donations to the Women and Children’s Center for shipping.

At the milk bank, the donated milk is pooled and pasteurized before distribution by prescription to ill and premature infants throughout the region. Lifesaving donated milk goes to babies in Texas and all over the United States, providing them with a safe alternative when mom’s own milk is not available. The majority of milk bank recipients are hospitalized preterm or sick babies who benefit from the optimal nutrition, easy digestibility, and infection-fighting components of human milk.