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Maternity Services

The Women & Children's Center at Kingwood Medical CenterThe Women and Children’s Center at Kingwood Medical Center welcomes almost 3000 babies into the world each year. We offer compassionate, quality health care during pregnancy with a comprehensive program under one roof that includes:

  • Prevention (avoiding complications for mother and baby)
  • Diagnosis & treatment of any issues that arise
  • Education, including on-site maternity classes
  • Support programs for individuals and families

Our staff includes board certified obstetricians, maternal-fetal subspecialists, neonatologists, anesthesiologists and nurses experienced in labor and delivery, baby care, postpartum care and breastfeeding.

We are dedicated to making your baby’s birth an amazing beginning for you and your family. We know that today’s mother has definite wishes about her birth experience and it is our goal to fulfill those wishes.

Your Pregnancy, Your Way

Research proves that experience translates into better outcomes. That is why you should consider the labor and delivery team at Kingwood Medical Center for your baby’s birth.

From trouble-free to high-risk pregnancies, we have the technology and medical expertise to provide you with exceptional care. There is always a board-certified OB/GYN, neonatologist and anesthesiologist available for you and your baby.

Request a guided tour of our labor and delivery unit, our nurseries and our postpartum units by calling (800) 258-5064.

What Makes Us Different?

We respect your birth plan, whether you want natural birth or an epidural, want to try a vaginal delivery even though you’ve had a cesarean before, or want to try a birthing ball, various birthing positions or massage techniques. You are welcome to bring a doula with you, though our labor and delivery nurses are trained in many of the same techniques.

Our new delivery rooms are designed to feel as much like home as possible, while providing access to state-of-the-art equipment if needed. We encourage mother-baby bonding after delivery, including during the critical ‘golden hour’ -- even for those born by cesarean section. Breastfeeding support after delivery is available seven days a week.

You choose whether to keep your baby in your room, or get some rest after a long labor and letting your baby sleep in the newborn nursery.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you as your grow your family. Call (800) 258-5064 to learn more or to get a physician referral.

Women & Children’s Center

Our new Women & Children Center provides high-quality maternity care in a caring and comfortable environment. From the close “easy-in/easy-out” parking to the onsite NICU and pediatric units, every detail has been completed with families in mind. Watch the video for more information and a tour.

Women & Children’s Education & Support

Educating new parents and families is a key goal of our maternity services team. Get a full listing of our education and support programs.

Find a Doctor

Looking for advanced women’s healthcare services close to home? Search our doctors and schedule your appointment online: Search & Schedule