Kingwood Medical Center has comprehensive services providing the latest technology to assist in your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Radiology (X-ray)

An X-ray is produced when a small amount of radiation passes through the body and is captured on film, video or computer. A fluoroscopy is when continuous x-ray images are taken in the body and strung together to look like an x-ray movie. These are some of the most common and useful diagnostic imaging tools available to physicians, used for everything from broken bones to gastrointestinal studies to assisting in angioplasty and stent placements.

At Kingwood Medical Center, board-certified radiologists provide supervision and guidance for the diagnostic and fluoroscopic procedures performed by nationally registered technologists.

Since all x-rays expose the body to some radiation, Kingwood Medical Center has launched a patient safety initiative to make sure patients receive “the right exam at the right site with the right radiation dose.” Learn more about our Radiation Right effort.

CT Scan (or CAT Scan)

CT scans (computed tomography scans) capture images from many different angles as X-rays are taken while rotating around the body. It is very useful when physicians suspect patients have medical problems not easily detected from a physical exam.

Kingwood Medical Center has a 64-slice CT imaging system, which creates 64 high-resolution images as thin as a credit card in a single rotation. After combining the images to form a three-dimensional view of a patient's body, radiologists can evaluate the results and diagnose illnesses in a variety of areas like the spine, head, abdomen and chest. Our 64-slice CT can capture images head-to-toe in less than ten seconds allowing for quicker, more accurate scanning and faster patient CT exams.

In addition, we now offer cardiac CT, which is a painless exam to take detailed images of the heart and vessels. These help physicians to diagnose conditions, sometimes even before patients experience symptoms.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

An MRI uses a magnet linked to a computer to create detailed pictures of areas inside the body. Kingwood Medical Center provides physicians with the highest quality MRI diagnostic information thanks to a 1.5T short bore magnet. Our advanced registered technologists specialize in MR imaging and are committed to making patients very satisfied with their testing experience.


From the tiniest newborns to our oldest adults, ultrasound technicians (sonographers) help physicians diagnose conditions and monitor treatments. Ultrasound is a test that bounces sound waves off tissue and organs and translates the sound waves into sonograms (pictures). Unlike x-rays and MRIs, it doesn’t use any radiation.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine allows physicians to evaluate organs, bones and tissues from the inside out. Patients take a medication called a “radiopharmaceutical” because it emits trace amounts of radiation. The medicine may be injected, swallowed or inhaled depending on the test. Computers can then record and track how that radiation moves through the body and is absorbed by tissues.

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations cited Kingwood Medical Center’s Nuclear Medicine Department for “Best Practice” related to patient and medication safety. Among the services provided in this department is Nuclear Cardiology.

Women’s Imaging

One in eight American women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Comprehensive routine and diagnostic services are available to women of all ages in a setting that is warm and supportive. Our services include digital mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, breast ultrasound and genetic breast cancer testing.

Bone Density

Kingwood Medical Center offers Bone Density Scans in the comfortable surroundings of its Women’s Diagnostic Center. Bone Densitometry, the test for evaluation of osteoporosis, has become the gold standard for measuring the density of bones.

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